Get these 5 Tools for working with Pallets

5 Tools for working with Pallets. Because you love crafting with pallets as much as we do. Check out these 5 must have tools for working with pallets. If you like working with free pallets or pallet wood, these tools are all you need to take the hard work out and leave all of the fun. Check out more great pallet videos on YouTube.

Small Pry Bar – perfect for getting into small spaces while still providing enough leverage for stubborn nails and sticky boards.

Large Pry/Crow bar – Brings the muscle when you need it. Save your back on the tougher boards and get extra leverage where you need it.

Nail Puller – If ever there was a tool created with your sanity in mind. A good nail puller can mean the difference between smooth nail removal or packing up and quitting for the day. A good tool to have in your arsenal.

Pallet Breaker – The greatest purpose built tool ever. Once you use a pallet breaker tool you will never look at pallet crafting the same.

Nail Remover Air Gun – Eliminates the monotony and repetition of removing hundreds of nails with a hammer and pry bar.

Bonus tool – Check out the video to see the bonus must have tool at the end. Less work, more fun.

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Tools for working with Pallets
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