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40 plus Pallet Craft Ideas for YOU

Do you enjoy crafting with pallets? Need a bunch of pallet craft ideas? Here are 40 plus Pallet Craft Ideas for fun or profit from all over the internet. Want to share ideas with other pallet enthusiasts? Check out the Pallet Envy FaceBook page. Here at you can find great resources on YouTube, FaceBook, […]

Pallet Safety – What you need to know.

Pallet safety. Are your pallets making you sick? Make sure you know this important safety information regarding pallets. Everyday 2 billion pallets are used to transport goods around the world.  Some of these pallets are designed for a single use while others are used until they are no longer structure sound.  Because of this there […]

Pallet Wood Chairs – How to build for Free

Check out this cool project. In this video we built a couple of pallet wood chairs. This video shows start to finish every piece of information you need to build a great pallet chair design. Complete with measurements, screw placements and close up camera shots of the finished product. By the end of this short […]

Pallet Craft Projects for fun or profit – Part 2

60 plus Pallet Craft Projects for fun or profit, because we all need a little inspiration. On the heels of our latest video series, here are more ideas for crafting with Free Pallets and Pallet Wood other than building a mini cabin. If you enjoy wood crafts and other projects you will love these 60 […]

Get these 5 Tools for working with Pallets

5 Tools for working with Pallets. Because you love crafting with pallets as much as we do. Check out these 5 must have tools for working with pallets. If you like working with free pallets or pallet wood, these tools are all you need to take the hard work out and leave all of the […]

Free Pallet Cabin – Want to build this?

Because we know you love building things with pallet wood as much as we do. We built this mini cabin from free pallet wood. Take a look at the photos and be sure to check out the 12 part video series or see the whole build here. After collecting pallets locally and transporting them to […]

Must have Tools for crafting with Pallets

So, you want to embark on some really cool pallet projects or crafts. Get these must have tools for crafting with pallets to take all of the back breaking work out of it while keeping the fun. Having the right tool makes all of the difference and these are the right tools to have. The […]

The coolest free pallet project ever!!!

The coolest free pallet project ever is right at your fingertips. When it comes to pallet projects, think big. This cool mini cabin was built using free wood from pallets. Check out this cool mini hunting cabin and see how it was built from start to finish. Did you enjoy The coolest free pallet project […]

Find FREE Pallets in your area!!

Want to know where to find the best free pallets in your area? Watch this short video to get the inside scoop. Recycling and crafting with pallets has be come very popular in recent years but the truth is most people only acquire free pallets by accident. In this article I’ll tell you where to […]