Get these 5 Tools for working with Pallets

5 Tools for working with Pallets. Because you love crafting with pallets as much as we do. Check out these 5 must have tools for working with pallets. If you like working with free pallets or pallet wood, these tools are all you need to take the hard work out and leave all of the […]

Free Pallet Cabin – Want to build this?

Because we know you love building things with pallet wood as much as we do. We built this mini cabin from free pallet wood. Take a look at the photos and be sure to check out the 12 part video series or see the whole build here. After collecting pallets locally and transporting them to […]

Must have Tools for crafting with Pallets

So, you want to embark on some really cool pallet projects or crafts. Get these must have tools for crafting with pallets to take all of the back breaking work out of it while keeping the fun. Having the right tool makes all of the difference and these are the right tools to have. The […]