Free Pallet Cabin – Want to build this?

Because we know you love building things with pallet wood as much as we do. We built this mini cabin from free pallet wood. Take a look at the photos and be sure to check out the 12 part video series or see the whole build here.

After collecting pallets locally and transporting them to our camp we built this free pallet cabin. Once we found a source for the free pallets we loaded up the trailer and made the two and a half hour trek more than a half dozen times. We eventually stockpiled enough material to build a fully functional cabin capable of sleeping 4.

Pallet cabin, a labor of love

Working weekends between Labor day and the approaching winter weather, we managed to build this awesome cabin. It comes complete with a changing room, bunk beds and a sweet loft. There is enough space to sleep 4 with a changing room and mini-kitchen. The foundation, floor and walls were built using pallets while the interiors walls were constructed from re-claimed stockade fence boards. If you want to know how to build a cabin like this for next to nothing be sure to check out the whole story on the YouTube channel This Life Outdoors. Check out how our first over night stay went. Here is the full video.

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