Pallet Wood Chairs – How to build for Free

Check out this cool project. In this video we built a couple of pallet wood chairs.

This video shows start to finish every piece of information you need to build a great pallet chair design. Complete with measurements, screw placements and close up camera shots of the finished product. By the end of this short video, you’ll be able to build as many of these cool pallets chairs as you want. Here is the parts list for pallet wood chairs to go along with the video.

Part QtyTWL
Front Legs23/42-3/424-1/2
Rear Legs23/42-3/424-3/4
Seat bottom sides23/43-1/421-1/4
Seat back uprights23/43-1/417
Front and rear seat supports23/43-1/420-1/2
Seat slats53/43-1/421
Wide bak slats23/43-1/421
Narrow back slat13/42-3/421
Braces23/43-1/4to fit

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2 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Chairs – How to build for Free

  • Hello, Made the chairs. Messed with the dimensions a little but came up with ,essentially, the same thing. Enjoyed the joinery (not my strong point) and made errors that had to be made good but a nice build. WIFE HAPPY. result. Many thanks. Do more. Regards Robert. UK

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