Must have Tools for crafting with Pallets

So, you want to embark on some really cool pallet projects or crafts. Get these must have tools for crafting with pallets to take all of the back breaking work out of it while keeping the fun. Having the right tool makes all of the difference and these are the right tools to have. The tools below will take most of the work out of recycling pallet wood and let you concentrate on the crafting.

First up is a pallet breaker. This tool let’s leverage do all of the heavy lifting. Disassemble pallets with ease without swinging a hammer or damaging the wood. Get one here.

Second must have tool is a good nail puller. While the pallet breaker makes short work of removing the wood, sometimes you need to remove all of the nails. This tool is worth it’s weight in gold. Get one here.

Next, this nail remover gun can make short work of nails left in the pallet boards you remove. It pushes them right out.

And lastly you’ll need a good all purpose pry bar. This handy little item gives you the leverage you need for those stubborn boards and it’s smaller size let’s you get into tight spaces. Check one out here.

These tools let you spend more time crafting and less time disassembling. They also cut down on the splinters. : )